At Geoscience Australia we provide a range of curriculum-linked, hands-on activities to promote geoscience.

We produce teaching resources for primary and secondary levels to make that geoscience experience fun, interactive, and relevant.

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Recent Earthquakes

This page shows all earthquakes that have been measured by Geoscience Australia during the past 30 days.

Recent Earthquakes

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Geoscience Australia welcomes new Antarctic icebreaker
02 May 2016
Geoscience Australia welcomes the Government's investment in a new world-leading Antarctic icebreaker for Australia.

Your position has never been more important
13 April 2016
Location information is essential to our everyday lives. Where we are, what the land looks like, and the infrastructure around us provide the backdrop for all the events in our lives. Knowing more about our location allows us to make better decisions. 

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