Edition 1 - May 2012



Welcome to the first edition of Education Centre Updates - Geoscience Australia's newsletter for teachers in Australian schools. It is designed to keep you informed of our latest science results, upcoming events, and school competitions.

Education Centre

Our Education Centre at Geoscience Australia is an ideal school excursion destination. It provides hands-on activities for school-aged audiences and highlights geoscience as an interesting and relevant part of our lives. As well as general school programs, we can tailor programs to develop an excursion that suits your curriculum needs. The Education Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and is FREE of charge.

Latest news

  • On 20 April at 5.09am, the National's Capital experienced a magnitude 3.7 earthquake. This occurred near the small village of Wee Jasper, about 47kms west of Canberra. The quake was felt widely throughout the Canberra region even as far away as Jindabyne.

  • March 2012 saw one of Australia's largest earthquakes hit South Australia, just south of the border with the Northern Territory. Measured at 5.7, the Ernabella quake caused a displacement of the ground along a 1.5km stretch of up to 0.4 metres.

    Earthquake Geologist Dr Andrew McPherson taking measurements of the rupture.Earthquake Geologist Dr Andrew McPherson taking measurements of the rupture.
    Earthquake Geologist Dr Andrew McPherson taking measurements of the rupture.

  • Scientists question the theory that Earth is made of the same stuff as our sun. (Courtesy of Sciencealert).

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About Us

Geoscience Australia is a world leader in providing first class geoscientific information and knowledge which enables government and community to make informed decisions about the exploitation of resources; the management of the environment; the safety of critical infrastructure; and the resultant wellbeing of all Australians.

Diary dates


GeoLogi and Top Geoshot now open

7 Aug

Geoscience education at IGC

11 - 19 Aug

National Science Week

19 Aug

Open Day – Geoscience Australia

24 Aug - closing date

GeoLogi short film competition

22 Sept - closing date

Top GeoShot Photographic competition

14 – 20 Oct

Earth Science Week

Feature story - The Long and Winding Murray River

Paleoseismology is the study of prehistoric earthquakes, especially their timing, location and size. For people living around the Murray River, such information is being gathered to understand the history of earthquakes in their region in order to help mitigate the effects of potential future earthquakes. Read more..

Competitions for you and your students!

Our short film competition, GeoLogi 2012, is open now for school students. The theme is "Discovering geoscience". For more details, please email us at education@ga.gov.au.

Geologi 2012

Handy with a camera? Try your hand at Top Geoshot, take an image that captures the essence of Earth Science in Australia. There are two categories: open and student (up to year 12). For more details email us at education@ga.gov.au.

Top Geoshot 2012

Resources for Educators

Videos and digital interactives

You may have been watching "The Time Traveller's Guide" on ABC, an amazing documentary, tracking Australia's geological history in an easy-to-understand format. But did you know there is a website to accompany the show? The site has an interactive timeline with illustrative full-colour images and explanations, plus short educational high-def videos. The best part is that it's Australian made and narrated.

Classroom activities

Ever had trouble finding great experiments to do with your kids? Try Earth Learning Idea. This site has activities ranging from how to weigh a dinosaur to plate tectonics, groundwater, and mapping, as well as detailed material for teachers.

Meet'n'greet a Geologist

Join your local Geological Society of Australia division. These groups of both amateur and professional geologists often run talks and other events for the public. Each division has its own flavour, so make sure you check out their websites.

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