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Cartoon of phone, shows Geoscience Australia Media Hotline phone number, 1800 882 035

Media Hotline - 1800 882 035

Our Media Hotline is attended 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is a free call within Australia. We will act promptly on media requests, whether it is to ask about our current projects, make enquiries on geoscientific topics or arrange interviews with our scientists.

Has there been an earthquake?

Geoscience Australia provides an earthquake alert system which responds to earthquakes in Australia and our region 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Seismologists and media officers work together to provide information to the media about earthquakes as quickly as possible.

Please call our Media Hotline if you would like to arrange an interview with a seismologist about a recent earthquake, or get more information about earthquakes.


Landsat 7 satellite image showing smoke from bushfires around Canberra on 17 January 2003 The Satellite Laser Ranging station at Mt Stromlo in the ACT - rebuilt after the January 2003 bushfires. Copyright Geoscience Australia. Man in field with GPS. Copyright Geoscience Australia.We have a wide range of digital images suitable for most publications. Please contact us on the Media Hotline or email to make enquiries.

We can also provide some satellite images for special features or to highlight a particular story. Our Satellite Image Gallery covers natural disasters, significant events and Australian locations.

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