Earth Science Week off to a jumping start

26 September 2001

Winning drawing by Kate Harcourt-Cooze

Winning drawing by Kate Harcourt-Cooze
© Geoscience Australia

The earth will move at 10.30 am on September 28 when 450 Kaleen Primary students simulate an earth tremor to launch Earth Science Week in the ACT.

The students will jump up and down for one minute in an attempt to create the tremor, which will be measured on a seismometer transported from AGSO - Geoscience Australia at Symonston.

Geoscience Australia's deputy chief executive, Dr Trevor Powell, said the big jump at Kaleen Primary shows that learning about science can be fun.

"Earth Science Week provides an opportunity to learn about our Earth and how it works it a fun and interactive way," said Dr Powell.

As part of Earth Science Week, Geoscience Australia ran its annual 'Earth science is all around us' calendar competition. The ACT and national winner is 10-year-old Kaleen Primary student Kate Harcourt-Cooze.

Kate, of Holt, submitted an entry showing a cross-section of a mountain range, with faults and folds and the various sedimentary layers of earth in different colours. This is the second year Kate has taken out the national award for her colourful designs.

Kate will receive her winner's gold medal from Dr Trevor Powell at the big jump on September 28. The other award winners will receive their medals in their home States.

Earth Science Week is held from October 7 to 13 and is celebrated internationally. For information on Geoscience Australia's Open Day activities contact Jeanette Holland on 6249 9731 or visit

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