Geoscience Online Showcases the latest in data and services delivery

28 March 2001

Discussions on how geoscientific data and services are being delivered online will be the focus of the Fifth Geoscience Online Forum, opened today in Canberra by Warren Entsch, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Science and Resources.

The Forum, being hosted by Geoscience Australia, will look at the online delivery initiatives of Geoscience Australia and other geoscience agencies. Leading web technology developers and vendors will also demonstrate the latest in online delivery systems.

"With the growing popularity of the Internet and Australia's capacity for technical innovation, it is timely to address issues relating to the provision of geoscience data online," Mr Entsch said.

"In recent times our need for geoscience has broadened considerably, well beyond the traditional mineral and petroleum resource sectors.

"Geoscience now contributes to solutions to broader issues that affect the wider community, such as the environment and public safety." Mr Entsch said geoscience was used everyday, in a variety of industries. For example, developing a better understanding of the salinity problem in New South Wales is possible by using airborne electromagnetics and data visualisation techniques together with targeted drilling.

"This geoscience information assists in developing management practices to reduce environmental impacts," he said.

"Geoscience is also used to help communities prepare for natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and floods.

"Geoscience Australia scientists are currently working with local authorities and other government agencies to develop multi risk assessments of cities throughout Queensland and New South Wales."

Mr Entsch also whetted participants' appetites for a national geoscience web portal linking the State, Territory and Commonwealth geological surveys to be launched later this year.

The portal will be Australia's 'front door' to the world and will deliver geoscience information about Australia around the globe.

Speakers at Geoscience Online represent a variety of Federal and State government departments and agencies including Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and the state and NT geological surveys, and Australian and international organisations.

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