Launch of Geoscience Portal - attracting exploration and foreign investment

07 November 2001

Investors and explorers will gain access to geoscience information about Australia through a single entry point when the geoscience portal is launched at the Mining 2001 Resources Convention on Thursday, November 8 in Melbourne.

Geoscience Australia chief executive, Dr Neil Williams, said the portal has enormous potential to attract exploration and foreign investment to Australia.

"Improving access to fundamental or base level information will assist private investment by reducing commercial risk and greatly improving overall efficiency of the exploration process," said Dr Williams.

Investors and explorers will have the capacity to discover geoscience information at a national level and to further refine their searches down to regional and local scales via pathways to the relevant State and Territory datasets.

The geoscience portal is a collaboration between Geoscience Australia and its State and Territory counterparts. This initiative of the Chief Government Geologists is designed to improve general accessibility to fundamental data by integrating disparate agency systems into a single users interface via the web browser.

Enhancing access to fundamental data will also be of benefit in petroleum exploration, land management studies and in the mitigation of public risk to natural hazards.

Dr Williams will launch the portal at 1.30pm in auditorium one, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

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