Local student wins national calendar competition (NSW 3)

26 September 2001

'Coral Reef' by Ruby Player

'Coral Reef' by Ruby Player
© Geoscience Australia

Ruby Player from Narraweena Public School has won the national 'Earth science is all around us' 2002 calendar competition as part of AGSO - Geoscience Australia's Earth Science Week celebrations, October 7 to 13.

Ruby's coral reef design will feature for the month of September. Winners receive gold medallions and copies of the 2002 calendar.

AGSO - Geoscience Australia's deputy chief executive, Dr Trevor Powell, said Earth Science Week provides an opportunity to learn about our Earth and how it works it a fun and interactive way.

"Earth Science Week is an opportunity for all those involved in earth sciences around the world to present the results of their activities and to highlight the importance of their work to the community," said Dr Powell.

Earth Science Week is an international event, which aims to help people develop an understanding of the importance of earth science to every day life, as well as encourage a sense of responsibility for the use and protection of our natural resources.

Join Geoscience Australia and support Earth Science Week by organising something special at your school. For information on how to get involved visit AGSO - Geoscience Australia's web site at www.ga.gov.au/education/.

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