New direction and name for Australia's leading geoscience agency

07 August 2001

Minister for Industry, Sciences and Resources, Senator Nick Minchin, today announced a new direction and name for Australia's leading geoscience research and information agency to reflect its broader role in identifying geoscience solutions for issues that impact upon our community.

Senator Minchin said the Australian Geological Survey Organisation, would now be known as AGSO - Geoscience Australia in recognition of the fact that it does more than study the Earth to identify areas that may be suitable for mineral and petroleum exploration.

"While AGSO - Geoscience Australia will continue to promote resources exploration and investment in Australia, it will extend the application of its geoscience research to other areas," Senator Minchin said.

Speaking at the launch of AGSO - Geoscience Australia at Parliament House in Canberra, Senator Minchin said that many people were unaware of the role geoscience plays in our daily lives.

"Natural hazard assessment, good land management practice and the management of our marine environment all require geoscience at a fundamental level.

"As well as extending its work in these fields, AGSO - Geoscience Australia will seek to contribute to solutions for other issues affecting communities such as water and air quality, biodiversity, and agricultural viability.

"AGSO - Geoscience Australia provides research and information that helps the Government make appropriate and effective decisions about the use of Australia's natural resources, the management of the environment, and the safety and well being of all Australians," said Senator Minchin.

"Part of the new direction will be to investigate the effectiveness of opportunities in urban development, transport, tourism and the environment," he said.

"The Government's support of AGSO - Geoscience Australia is part of our overall strategy to ensure that Australia continues to be world-competitive in the fields of science and technology," Senator Minchin said.

AGSO - Geoscience Australia hopes to educate the community on how geological processes that operate over decades, centuries, and even millions of years, are relevant to the contemporary environment and the activities of society today.

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