Queensland as you've never seen it

16 July 2002

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, Warren Entsch, today launched the 3D map of Queensland at the Parramatta Park Primary School in Cairns.

The map will be distributed to schools, libraries and a wide range of educational and community groups across the state through Federal and State Members of Parliament.

"Geoscience is the study of our Earth. This involves looking at things very ancient - rocks, sea beds and mountain ranges - and it is sometimes hard to compete with the newer technologically-focused sciences for the attention of students," Mr Entsch said.

"However, geoscientists are using the most advanced technologies to gain a greater understanding of our planet.

"This map demonstrates this, allowing children to see ancient geological formations in a very new light and I think that's something students will really appreciate."

The map was compiled from data collected by Geoscience Australia and other agencies over a number of years and highlights key geological features of the region. It shows the seafloor and land topography of the Queensland area based on a gridded dataset with approximately 1km cell size. Land terrain is from the Geoscience Australia Digital Elevation Model.

"The seafloor terrain was modelled from a Geoscience Australia bathymetric database derived from a variety of sources using both single-beam echo sounder and swath mapping techniques. The 3D effect was obtained through the use of hill shading using sun-angle elevated at 45° from the northeast," said Mr Entsch.

Mr Entsch said the amazing features highlighted on the map, such as large undersea volcanoes and deep abyssal plains, provided further evidence of the Australian continent's movement over millions of years.

"When the map is viewed with 3D glasses, the elevation of the land mass and the ocean depths are strikingly apparent. The map is available free of charge from Geoscience Australia and I encourage you to obtain a copy," he said.

Geoscience Australia is the national agency for geoscientific research and geospatial information. Its work contributes to enhanced economic, social and environmental benefits for the community by providing input to decisions that impact upon resource use, management of the environment, and the safety and well-being of Australians.

Further information about Geoscience Australia is available at the Geoscience Australia website. A copy of the map is available on request from the media hotline.

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