Australia's estuaries at the click of a mouse

16 September 2003

A new online resource containing information on almost 1000 of Australia's estuaries and coastal waterways is being launched this week.

The web resource, called OzEstuaries, has been compiled by Geoscience Australia, as part of the Coastal Cooperative Research Centre's National Estuaries Project.

"OzEstuaries provides coastal scientists, planners, managers, and the community with comprehensive information about Australia's estuaries. It's a great tool for environmental decision-making", Coastal Cooperative Research Centre CEO Dr Roger Shaw said.

Information available on OzEstuaries includes conceptual models of processes that operate in estuaries and coastal waterways around Australia; the economic and social impacts of change to ecosystem health; an online GIS (geographic information system) that provides satellite imagery, aerial photography and data for coastal waterways and the surrounding oceans, plus a range of links and downloadable data and reports.

"A wide variety of information including data, imagery, conceptual models, fact sheets and an online GIS is available on OzEstuaries. It will be a great resource for many different groups, from coastal managers to scientists and the wider community", Geoscience Australia Deputy CEO Dr Trevor Powell said.

"As a coastal manager I find OzEstuaries really useful - it has made me aware of what data is available, and where the waterways under my management fit in relation to the health of estuaries across Australia", Scientific Officer of Great Lakes Council, Gerard Tuckerman said.

OzEstuaries is a dynamic resource - it will be continue to be improved and updated as new data and information on Australian estuaries and coastal waterways becomes available. Additional functionality is also planned.

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