Australia's geoscience database goes international

09 October 2003

Access to Australian research material about geoscience has been given a new lease of life thanks to a new agreement between Geoscience Australia and the American Geological Institute.

"The agreement will provide tangible benefits for the Australian geoscience, mining and petroleum exploration communities. Since the Australian Earth Sciences Information Service (AESIS) folded in 2001, it has become increasingly difficult to find relevant Australian geoscience research material," said Dr Neil Williams, CEO of Geoscience Australia.

"Ensuring that this material is available to the community is important as it is used by university libraries, consultants, governments and industry not only for scientific research but also to assist in making decisions about environmental management, policy and laws.

"All major, Australian geoscientific publications will now be included on the international GeoRef database so they can be found easily under specifications such as title, author, subject and publication date.

"The agreement between Geoscience Australia and the American Geological Institute will significantly increase coverage of Australian geoscience material in GeoRef," said Dr Williams.

The GeoRef database, established by the American Geological Institute in 1966, is the most comprehensive geoscience database in the world and contains 2.4 million references to geoscience journals, books, maps, conference proceedings, reports and theses.

"Indexed material from Geoscience Australia will appear in GeoRef by November 2003. Geoscience Australia is working in collaboration with State and Territory government geoscience agencies to comprehensively index government geoscience publications and we will also be contacting universities, professional associations and other publishers to include any material they might have," he said.

Access to the database, either via the Web or on CD, will be via subscription. Researchers will be able to subscribe to the full GeoRef database, to the Australian content only (AusGeoRef) or to an individually customised alert service. More details about accessing or subscribing to GeoRef are available from the American Geological Institute.

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