Earthquake hits south of Canberra

12 June 2003

A small earthquake occurred this afternoon in the south of Canberra along the Murrumbidgee River, ACT at 16.29pm local time (06.29 UT).

The magnitude 2 earthquake was relatively shallow. It was heard widely by local residents.

"Residents as far away as 4 km from the epicentre, may have heard a bang, rather than felt a jolt, from the magnitude 2.0 earthquake," Dr Cvetan Sinadinovski, senior seismologist at Geoscience Australia said.

"We have had a few residents from Isabella Plains and Gordon call to confirm that what they heard was in fact an earthquake', Dr Sinadinovski said.

"We expect absolutely no damage to occur as a result of the earthquake," he added. "If there are any aftershocks, they will be small and only detectable from our instruments."

The ACT experiences approximately one earthquake of this magnitude each year. An earthquake of magnitude 2.6 last hit Tuggeranong on 2nd June 2002.

The area has been known to experience bigger earthquakes, such as the one in 1979 when a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred in the same location," said Dr Sinadinovski.

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