Earthquake hits Sutton, near Canberra

05 July 2003

Two small earthquakes occurred this afternoon in the vicinity of Sutton, approximately 20km northeast of Canberra, ACT at 1.48pm and 7.24pm local time.

The first earthquake was the larger of the two, registering magnitude 2.5. The second registered a magnitude of 1.8. Both events were heard and felt by local residents.

"Residents in the Sutton area reported the earthquakes, noting they were of a similar size to those experienced one or two years ago," Dr Mark Leonard, senior seismologist at Geoscience Australia, said.

"We expect absolutely no damage to occur as a result of the earthquake," he added. "If there are any further shocks, they will most probably be small."

"The Sutton area has been seismically active many times before. Between December 2001 and April 2002 the area experienced 90 earthquakes, the largest with a magnitude of 2.5," said Dr Leonard.

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