Hawker rocked by earth tremor

23 November 2003

At 5:07 local time (18:37 UT) an earthquake struck the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, about 44 km north-east of township of Hawker. Geoscience Australia instruments estimated the magnitude at 3.8 on the Richter scale.

"Local residents of Hawker in South Australia were woken up by a loud bang, and many rang the local operator", Geoscience Australia's duty seismologist Dr Cvetan Sinadinovski said.

"Earthquakes of this size are usually felt up to 50 km from the epicentre, but do not generally cause major structural damage", he added.

Small to moderate earthquakes are common in the area. One earthquake above magnitude 3 has occurred on average every two years, the strongest one being in 1983 with magnitude 5.1, according to Geoscience Australia's 40-year instrumental statistics.

"It is possible there may be a few aftershocks of smaller size over the next week or so from this morning's earthquake", Dr Sinadinovski remarked.

For more information, call the Geoscience Australia Duty Seismologist on 0407 216 622.

For a list of the most recent earthquakes visit the Geoscience Australia website.

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