Hooked on geology

21 April 2003

Daniella Csaky from East Bentleigh, Melbourne, is one of six new graduates recruited to Geoscience Australia's 2003 graduate program. She was short-listed from 74 applicants.

Geoscience Australia's Graduate Program aims to keep the organisation at the forefront of geoscience. The program is seen as a strategy for promoting regeneration within the organisation by attracting new talents, perspectives, strengths and knowledge.

The program is challenging, as recruits are encouraged to work outside their areas of expertise, completing three rotations during the year.

Daniella's first rotation in the Minerals and Geohazards Division involves developing a hazard map which will show areas of underground caves and caverns in the Wanneroo area, Perth, WA.

"I am working on a regional risk assessment of natural hazards such as earthquakes, coastal erosion, floods and storm surge within the Perth region" says Daniella. "This work has a direct benefit to the community," she says. "Our risk assessments are given to local government authorities and emergency services to assist them with urban planning and protection. It's great to think that this information may eventually save lives and reduce property damage in the event of a natural hazard."

Daniella, an ex student of McKinnon Secondary College in Melbourne, had always been interested in the earth sciences and so geology was a natural progression. She completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Monash University, which included an Honours project on Mount Porndon, an extinct volcano in Victoria.

"Most Melbournians probably don't realise that there are extinct volcanoes in the western district of Victoria," said Daniella. "It's fascinating to think that Mount Porndon was once just as active as Mt. Etna in Sicily".

Getting on to Geoscience Australia's Graduate Program was great news for Daniella.

"I was so excited when I heard I'd been selected. I'd actually made a deal with my mother that if I didn't get in I'd scrub the kitchen tiles," she said, "and I guess I'll still have to do that sometime".

Work is now underway for next year's graduate intake, with university visits beginning at the end of April.

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