Tanami airborne geophysical data release

17 February 2003

The Tanami region is proving to be one of Australia's most prospective new gold provinces. Over ten million ounces of gold have been discovered in the region straddling the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, since the mid 1980s.

The Geological Survey of Western Australia and Geoscience Australia today released the latest airborne geophysical data over the west Tanami region.

Minerals are Australia's largest export earners, with most mines being located in regional and rural Australia. These areas need geoscience input to attract international investment and assist exploration companies to find new mineral deposits.

Geoscience Australia reduces exploration risk and encourages investment in Australia through targeted geoscientific surveys and research to locate potential mineral areas.

The west Tanami airborne geophysical data include new survey data and data previously acquired by private companies, and comprise magnetic, gamma-ray and elevation data.

Dr Chris Pigram from Geoscience Australia said, 'these data will help in understanding the geology of the Tanami region and provide important pre-competitive information for the minerals industry".

The digital data are available on CD-ROM from Geoscience Australia at a cost of A$99 per CD (including GST; packing and postage extra).

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