Turramurra man wins place on Graduate Program

21 April 2003

Polish born Karol Czarnota, from Turramurra, north Sydney, is one of six new graduates recruited to Geoscience Australia's 2003 graduate program. He was chosen from 74 applicants across the country.

Geoscience Australia's Graduate Program aims to keep the organisation at the forefront of geoscience. The program is seen as a strategy for promoting regeneration within the organisation, by attracting new talents, perspectives, strengths and knowledge.

The program is challenging, as recruits are encouraged to work outside their areas of expertise, completing three rotations during the year.

Karol's current project is to determine the pressure and temperature conditions that existed during a metamorphic stage in the Broken Hill area. Metamorphism is a process where heat and pressure can change the shape of the rock and the minerals within. Many kinds of ore deposits are generated through this process.

"It's important work because if we can better understand the geological history of the Broken Hill area and its world class ore deposit, we will be in a better position to explore for new deposits in the area," says Karol.

Karol's interest in geology developed during his time at Chatswood High School.

"I did four units of science for my HSC and one of my electives was geology when I discovered an interest in the processes that formed and shaped the earth," he says.

After starting an Environmental Science degree at the University of NSW, Karol switched to an Applied Geology degree in his second year. Getting on to Geoscience Australia's Graduate Program was very special for Karol.

"I felt very honoured to get onto the Graduate Program" he says. "Geoscience Australia is one of our primary research centres and I feel very privileged to have won a place in an organisation of this calibre".

Religion plays a large part in Karol's life and he feels that his religious beliefs and his scientific work fit comfortably together. He sees his trust in God as the basis for his scientific work. Karol, a resident of Turramurra, Sydney, has now settled down to life in Narrabundah, Canberra and to his surprise he's enjoying the change in lifestyle.

Work is now underway for the 2004 graduate intake, with university visits beginning at the end of April.

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