Earthquake in Macquarie Rise

24 December 2004

A large earthquake occurred this morning south-east of Tasmania. The earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred at 1.59 ESST (14.59 UT). Largest earthquake this year.

The event occurred 800 km southeast of Hobart near the Macquarie Rise and Macquarie Island. The earthquake was felt in Hobart and the Tasmanian Peninsula.

"This was an interplate earthquake, between Indo-Australian and Pacific plate," said Geoscience Australia's duty seismologist Dr Cvetan Sinadinovski. "The last earthquake of similar magnitude in the Macquarie Rise region was in 1924. The magnitude of that earthquake was 7.5," he said.

"Earthquakes of this magnitude can produce localised tsunamis although we have no confirmation at this stage," Dr Sinadinovski said. "This is the largest magnitude earthquake recorded this year."

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