Early morning jolt starts Katoomba's day

01 November 2005

A magnitude 2.9 earthquake occurred at 5.13 AEST this morning, approximately 25 kilometres WSW of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains region, NSW.

"People would have felt this earthquake up to 30km from the epicentre. For the residents of areas such as Katoomba, Mt Victoria and Lithgow, it would have felt like a small jolt from the ground or the passing of heavy traffic" said Dr Cvetan Sinadinovski, Geoscience Australia's Duty Seismologist.

There have been no reports of damage from the area so far, and this event is highly unlikely to cause any as it is not a structurally damaging earthquake.

"Over the past 20 years Geoscience Australia has recorded 15 earthquakes of similar size or larger in this region, with an effect radius of 50km around Katoomba and Lithgow. The largest event recorded was a magnitude 4.3 in 1987," Dr Sinadinovski said.

"This earthquake is an intra-plate earthquake which occurs in the Australian plate and is due to the movement of smaller geological blocks. The majority of large earthquakes in the world occur in plate collision zones such as Indonesia and PNG."

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