Earthquake rolls through Tennant Creek

14 September 2005

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred at 2.42 AEST this afternoon, approximately 27 kilometres SSW of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

"People would have felt or heard this earthquake up to 100km from the epicentre. It would have sounded like a truck going past the house," said David Jepsen, Geoscience Australia's Duty Seismologist. "We have had no reports of damage."

"It was a medium sized event in terms of earthquakes in Australia. On average, there are about ten earthquakes of this size throughout Australia each year."

"In the Tennant Creek region, there have been 14 smaller seismic events this year," Dr Jepsen said.

"In the same area in 1988, there were three much larger events that released a thousand times more energy than today's earthquake."

"This earthquake is part of the Earth's natural dynamic processes, occurring when stress is released from rocks pushing against each other within the Earth's crust."

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