Mapping in the 21st century

18 August 2005

The future of mapping looks good to the Project Leader of the nation's topographic mapping program.

Using his 18 years' experience in spatial information and mapping technologies for environmental and emergency management, Phil Tickle has been involved in planning and topographic mapping for both the public and private sectors. He believes that the map has come a long way in a relatively short time.

Phil's talk, "Mapping in the 21st Century", will be one of five presentations made by Geoscience Australia scientists at their annual Open Day on Sunday 21 August as part of National Science Week.

"Maps are a fundamental aspect of our everyday lives, and I hope to show people how mapping (or spatial information) in the 21st century is changing our lives without us really knowing it", said Phil recently.

"It's hard to believe that less than 10 years ago, the high-tech computer technology used for digital mapping was the sole domain of technical specialists within government, and most map users only got to see the final paper maps", said Phil.

"But with the advent of the Internet, the latest mapping technologies can be brought straight into your home, car and phone".

Car navigation systems that stop you getting lost, phones that tell you how to get to the nearest caf?, and real estate sites that show you a satellite image of your house have all become a reality in the past decade.

"These everyday examples of mapping technology use the same cutting-edge technologies that Geoscience Australia is currently using to help provide safe, sustainable and profitable communities", he said.

In addition to Phil's talk on the future of mapping, there will also be talks about mineral exploration, mapping the ocean floor, petroleum exploration, and the Boxing Day tsunami. Other activities at Geoscience Australia's free Open Day include gold panning, rock identification, children's activities to make sun catchers and pet rocks and building tours. Opening hours are from 10am - 4pm. Geoscience Australia is located on the corner of Jerrabomberra Avenue and Hindmarsh Drive, Symonston.

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