SEEGrid roadshow demonstrates interoperability to industry

26 May 2005

The SEEGrid Roadshow kicks off this week with a series of national workshops being held in all capital cities. The roadshow highlights the benefits of interoperability of government geoscience data to the Australian Minerals Industry.

"The key objective of the roadshow is to raise awareness of how interoperability can improve business efficiencies and effectiveness," said Dr Wyborn from Geoscience Australia.

"Interoperability is the key to real-time access to pre-competitive geoscience information. Until now this data has been fragmented in disparate and incompatible systems across Australian government agencies," said Dr Lesley Wyborn. "The next generation of internet technologies offer opportunities to access a range of geoscience and spatial digital information in real time and standardised formats to underpin exploration activities and research that are relevant to the minerals industry."

Solid Earth and Environment Grid (SEE Grid) community members, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and Social Change Online recently completed a test bed for real time data interoperability between data housed in ACT, SA and WA. This trial was supported by AUSIndustry who have approved a further $170 000 grant (Innovation Access Fora grant) for SEEGrid members to showcase interoperability and to extend the test bed to the remaining states and territories.

To promote interoperability, the SEEGrid Roadshow will run a series of executive briefings and technology diffusion workshops to a broad spectrum of organisations within industry, public and academic sectors. Executive briefings will deliver a generic overview of interoperable services and their benefits to any industry. The technology diffusion workshops will give a technological demonstration of how the initial test bed was deployed and implemented across three states and two jurisdictions.

For more information, please visit the SEEGrid web site, Industry, public, academic sectors and media are invited to attend the free workshops. The Perth roadshow will be hosted 30 May at Minerals House.

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