Avenel local achieves career goal

07 February 2006

Steve Lewis set his sights on joining Geoscience Australia's graduate program two years ago. He is now one of eight new tertiary graduates selected for the organisation's 2006 intake.

"This job just felt so right to me, it allows me to put my professional skills to good use for the betterment of Australia," Steve says, explaining his immediate attraction to the Geoscience Australia graduate program. He is looking forward to the many different projects he will work on at the national organisation's headquarters in Canberra, as he believes it is the first step on a lifelong career path. "There have been so many good experiences already, and I'm only a week into the job" he said enthusiastically.

A natural curiosity and deep appreciation of the environment were key factors which influenced Steve's lifelong passion for geology. As a child, he was often out bushwalking with his father in the Strathbogie Ranges, observing a wide range of rock formations which piqued his keen interest. Steve is now working on risk assessment evaluations relating to the economic implications of natural and man-made hazards on commercial buildings.

Steve has a science degree in Applied Geology from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He went on to complete his honours project at the University of Tasmania, investigating valuable minerals in igneous rocks, known as sulphides. He then joined Ashton Mining as a diamond exploration geologist, working mainly in the Northern Territory for five years before going back to study for his PhD in geology on Macquarie Island. Two days after he submitted his PhD thesis, Steve was packing his bags to come to Canberra. "Welcome to Canberra, welcome to this new job, new life, new city, and plenty of new opportunities," he said.

The graduate program is an opportunity for young geoscientists to work at Australia's leading geoscience organisation, bringing their new talents, ideas and knowledge and ensuring that Geoscience Australia stays at the forefront of research into all aspects of the geosciences.

The program looks for graduates who are not only skilled within the field of geoscience, but who are committed to achieving results, motivated and thrive on new challenges., with each graduate being initially employed for a period of twelve months.

The program attracts individuals who are motivated to achieve high quality results in diverse geoscience investigations. In addition, the new graduates thrive on challenges and are eager to work outside their areas of expertise.

Graduates are given the chance to experience 3 or 4 job rotations in their first year, choosing different projects they wish to work on within the organisation. Steve is taking all this in his stride, enjoying Canberra's easy pace and cycling tracks where he can take his dog Tara for a run. "You take what you can from every life experience," Steve says, "and at the moment I'm riding the crest of a euphoric high."

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