Caulfield rattled

23 October 2006

At 10:36pm Sunday, an earthquake of magnitude 2.9 rattled the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield just 8kms south-east of the CBD.

"Although this was a small quake people would have felt or heard this earth movement up to 50km away from the epicentre, which was located below the suburb of Caulfield," said Duty Seismologist Dr Phil Cummins.

The earthquake was felt by residents who reported shaking buildings and hearing loud 'crashing' and 'banging' noises at the time of the tremor. Geoscience Australia received calls from St Kilda, Caulfield, Clayton, Chadston and Dandenong.

"Earthquakes of this magnitude are unlikely to cause any structural damage, and no reports of significant damage have been received by Geoscience Australia," said Dr Cummins.

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