Western Australia community receives a late-night shake up

07 June 2006

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake has occurred near the small Aboriginal community of Burringurrah, Western Australia at 11:34pm local WA time, Tuesday the 6th.

The epicentre was approximately 65km SE of Burringurrah (540km S of Port Headland) and was felt by residents in the local area.

"We've had reports from residents in the Burringurrah area that they were woken by their windows shaking, in some cases for up to 1 minute," said Duty Seismologist Marco Maldoni.

"Although people would be able to feel this event up to 100km from the epicentre, this was not a structurally damaging earthquake," said Marco.

The last major event in the region occurred more than 20 years ago when the area was struck by a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in 1986.

"This type of event, called an intraplate earthquake, occurs when small geological blocks move away from plate boundaries. This is part of the Earth's natural dynamic processes," said Marco.

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