Magnitude 3.5 earthquake rocks Melbourne

08 March 2007

A shallow earthquake of magnitude 3.5 shook the eastern suburbs of Melbourne just after 1:30pm today.

"It is expected that people would have felt the earthquake up to 40kms from the earthquake epicentre which was located in the Bunyip State Park, approximately 70kms east of Melbourne," said Duty Seismologist David Jepsen.

"It is unlikely that there would be any damage associated with such an event. Geoscience Australia has received numerous calls from the public reporting that they felt the ground shake, or heard plates rattling," he said.

"It has been six years since Melbourne residents have felt an earthquake of this strength. However Melbourne residents may remember the earthquake in October last year that measured magnitude 2.9. This type of earthquake, called an intraplate earthquake, happens when stresses in the crust exceed the strength of the rocks, and the rocks break."

People are encouraged to fill out the earthquake report if they feel an earthquake.

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