Spectral workshops to assist explorers

26 November 2007

Mineral explorers will have an opportunity later this month to develop their understanding and skills in the use of recently released image data which will help to target potential new mineral deposits in Queensland.

As part of the annual Geological Survey of Queensland 'Digging Deeper' seminar program, educational workshops will be held to provide information on and interpretation of a set of more than 30 maps based on HyMap airborne hyperspectral data and on Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflective Radiometer (ASTER) satellite imagery.

The workshops will be held in Brisbane on 29 November and Townsville on 30 November, 2007. They will offer training for industry clients on hyperspectral mineral mapping theory through a hands on computer based workshop featuring Australian case studies.

The spectral program and workshops have been developed as the result of a joint venture to process and use spectral data which involved Geoscience Australia, the Geological Survey of Queensland, the Predictive Mineral Discovery CRC, CSIRO and James Cook University.

The chief of Geoscience Australia's Onshore Energy and Minerals Division, Dr James Johnson, said development of the spectral data highlighted ways in which the ongoing cooperation between Federal, State and industry partners is greatly improving Australia's capability to discover mineral wealth and promote growth in the resources sector.

A workshop presenter from Geoscience Australia, Matilda Thomas, says the program is aimed at de-mystifying spectral methods by introducing spectral mineral mapping theory and providing an opportunity for participants to use the data on their own computers.

"Spectral data provides a powerful source of information which can be integrated with other datasets to understand geology and help in the search for new mineral wealth in Australia," Ms Thomas said.

"A hands-on demonstration of how to use and interpret the data will give explorers a much needed insight into the benefits and applications of spectral products," she said.

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