Minerals Alert February 2004

  1. Tanami Land Seismic Acquisition Proposal
  2. Yilgarn Seismic Reflection Traverses
  3. Geoscience Australia at the 17th Australian Geological Convention, Hobart 8 to 13 February 2004
  4. About "Minerals Alert"

1. Tanami Land Seismic Acquisition Proposal

Geoscience Australia, in collaboration with the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) and the Australian National Seismic Imaging Resource (ANSIR), are planning a seismic acquisition program in the Tanami region in fiscal year 2004-2005.

The purpose of this program will be to determine the 3D architecture of this region, thereby ascertaining regional controls on lode gold mineralisation. At this time we ask interested parties to comment on this proposal which can be obtained from David Huston at Geoscience Australia or Leon Vandenberg at NTGS.

Geoscientists from Geoscience Australia and NTGS will be available at the AGES 2004 conference (23-24 March in Alice Springs) to discuss the proposal. David Huston may be contacted at David.Huston@ga.gov.au or by phone on +61 (0)2 6249-9577.

2. Yilgarn Seismic Reflection Traverses

The Australian National Seismic Imaging Resource (ANSIR) will be commencing a series of mine scale seismic reflection traverses over a number of active and prospective mine sites in the Yilgarn region of Western Australia between February and April. Approximately 120 km of seismic data will be acquired over 20 lines at 8 sites.

The work will attempt to delineate near surface structures controlling mineralised zones over different geological environments. This is a component a MERIWA project M363 involving four companies, who are providing the acquisition funding, and Curtin University. ANSIR at Geoscience Australia is providing the expertise and project management to undertake the seismic acquisition phase of the project.

For further information please contact Tim Barton at Tim.Barton@ga.gov.au or Dr Bruce Goleby at Bruce.Goleby@ga.gov.au.

3. Geoscience Australia at the 17th Australian Geological Convention, Hobart 8 to 13 February 2004

The following papers will be presented by Geoscience Australia scientists at the 17th Australian Geological Convention in Hobart from 8 to 13 February 2004. Further information about the presentations may be obtained from the authors:

  • Constrained three-dimensional inversion of potential field data in the Olympic Cu-Au Province, South Australia presented by Nick Williams
  • Seismic investigations of the Precambrian Yilgarn Craton, WA: implications for crustal architecture presented by Bruce Goleby Bruce.Goleby@ga.gov.au
  • Why we want baseline geochemical data, and can we get it from available whole rock analyses presented by Megan Lech
  • Low-density geochemical survey of Australia: scope, strategy and potential benefits presented by Patrice de Caritat
  • Using SHRIMP to decipher the history of Middle Palaeozoic magmatism in Tasmania presented by Lance Black Lance.Black@ga.gov.au
  • Geoscience for our future: What is behind Australia's bid to host the International Geological Congress presented by Ian Lambert Ian.Lambert@ga.gov.au
  • Iron oxide copper-gold deposits: An Australian perspective on their unifying characteristics presented by Roger Skirrow Roger.Skirrow@ga.gov.au
  • Towards a temporal framework for the Yilgarn Craton: Evidence from granite geochronology and Sm-Nd isotopes presented by Kevin Cassidy Kevin.Cassidy@ga.gov.au
  • Continent-scale spatial analysis of the regional setting of iron-oxide-copper-gold mineral systems in Australia presented by Lesley Wyborn (Lesley.Wyborn@ga.gov.au)
  • POSTER PRESENTATION: The controlling influence of reference standards in the Pb/U micro-beam dating of zircon, as revealed by high-precision studies of reference materials presented by Lance Black (Lance.Black@ga.gov.au)

4. About "Minerals Alert"

For more information contact Mike Huleatt on +61 2 6249 9087 or email mike.huleatt@ga.gov.au.

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