Minerals Alert June 2004

  1. Central Gawler Gold Data Catalogue available on the Internet
  2. Tectonic History of the Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia
  3. Gawler Craton: State of Play 2004 and Seismic Workshop
  4. Abstracts and Presentations from the 'Ishihara Symposium' and a workshop on 'Magmas to Mineralisation' now available on the Internet
  5. About "Minerals Alert"

1. Central Gawler Gold Data Catalogue now available on the Internet

The recently compiled Central Gawler Gold Data Catalogue describes data availability in the central portion of the Gawler Craton, which is the subject of new investigations as part of a joint program by Geoscience Australia, Primary Industries & Resources SA and CRC LEME. The Data Catalogue includes information on both digital and non-digital datasets. Summary information in the catalogue consists of a general description of the datasets available by data type and a figure showing the data locations within the Central Gawler Gold study area. The Data Catalogue and the Central Gawler Gold Province GIS, which is currently under construction, will be a key resource for government and industry in assessing data availability and quality and also in identifying gaps in the data. The Data Catalogue which is available as Geoscience Australia Record 2004/5.

2. Tectonic history of the Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia

The tectonic history of the Eastern Goldfields Province has been thought to have evolved in a relatively simple progressive manner with greenstones and granites assumed to have seen the same event history. As structure and mineralisation are intimately linked, it is important that this view be thoroughly tested. To test it the Norseman Wiluna Synthesis Project, a National Geoscience Accord project between Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of Western Australia, systematically studied the structural history of over 30 radiometrically dated granite sites. The aim was to record the patterns of structural superposition (event history) and to use the geochronological control to time the events at each site. These patterns and their time control were matched (correlated) to adjacent sites to construct a systematic understanding of the event history through time for each terrane/domain and to correlate between terranes/domains to provide a definitive framework for the granites of the Eastern Goldfields Province.

Key results show that deformation was likely diachronous across the province and that there were repeated switches in palaeostress, including several events indicating that maximum shortening was oriented approximately north-south. These results are presented in Geoscience Australia Record 2004/10 which is a CDROM of a series of linked pdf text and image files. The Record is designed to be navigated at a data level or at the various interpretation levels (domain and province histories).

For further information contact Richard Blewett by phone on +61 (0)2 6249 9713 or by email at Richard.Blewett@ga.gov.au

3. Gawler Craton: State of Play 2004 and Seismic Workshop

Don't forget the Gawler State of Play seminar and Seismic Workshop being held in Adelaide, 4-6 August. See http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/pages/minerals/geology/gawler/gc_sop.htm at the PIRSA website for details and updates.

For more information contact Patrick Lyons by phone on +61 (0)2 6249 9763 or by email at Patrick.Lyons@ga.gov.au

4. Abstracts and Presentations from the 'Ishihara Symposium' and 'Magmas to Mineralisation' workshop.

A one day Workshop and a two day Symposium was held from 22-24th July 2003 at Macquarie University in Sydney to address recent research into granites and their associated ore deposits. The Symposium - the Ishihara Symposium in honour of Professor Shunso Ishihara of Japan - addressed the themes "Australian Granites through Time" and "Granites and Metallogenesis". Papers presented focus on issues related to granites and related ore deposits from the Archaean to the Tertiary. The Workshop, which preceded the Symposium, provided a forum for people wishing to become more familiar with modern ideas on granite petrogenesis developed by Bruce Chappell and Allan White and the work on mineralisation related to granites in Eastern Australia by Phil Blevin.

All abstracts and most presentations are available online or for further information contact Dave Champion by phone +61 (0)2 6249 9215 or email at Dave.Champion@ga.gov.au or Lesley Wyborn by phone +61 (0)2 6249 9489 or email at Lesley.Wyborn@ga.gov.au

5. About "Minerals Alert"

For more information contact Mike Huleatt on +61 2 6249 9087 or email mike.huleatt@ga.gov.au.

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