Airborne geophysical data release

16 December 2002

A new set of airborne geophysical data covering the West Musgrave region of Western Australia became available on 16 December. The survey covers parts of the Scott and Cooper 1:250 000 sheet areas. The area is actively being explored for base metals following recent discoveries of nickel-copper sulphides.

Geoscience Australia reduces exploration risk and encourages investment through targeted geoscientific surveys and research to locate prospective areas. Minerals are Australia's largest export earner, with most mines located in regional and rural Australia.

The West Musgrave airborne geophysical data include new survey data flown by Fugro Airborne Surveys for Geological Survey of Western Australia and Geoscience Australia in 2002, as well as existing private company survey data flown by Kevron Geophysics over the Jamieson Range in 1998.

The new survey produced 45 000-line km of geophysical data, flown between August and September 2002.

  • The data is available on CD-ROM at a cost of $99 per CD or alternatively colour plots at 1:250 000 scale are available at $27.50 per plot.
  • To purchase the data, please contact Geoscience Australia Sales Centre.

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