Australia's mineral resources identified

28 November 2002

Cover of Australia's Identified Mineral Resources Report 2002

Cover of Australia's Identified
Mineral Resources Report 2002
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Gold, nickel and mineral sands registered significant growth to reach record levels in economic demonstrated resources (EDR) for 2001. This growth is documented in Geoscience Australia's annual review of Australia's identified mineral resources, which provides information on the nation's future capacity to produce mineral resources.

The Australia's Identified Mineral Resources Report 2002 [PDF 2MB] notes that the EDR of bauxite, copper, lead, magnesite, nickel, phosphate, PGM, tantalum, silver, vanadium and zinc rose, while those of black coal, diamonds, iron ore, lithium, manganese ore and uranium fell.

The report also provides an overview of exploration activity in 2001. It is an important annual nation-wide assessment of Australia's ore reserves and mineral resources.

"AIMR provides governments, industry, the investment sector and the general community with an informed understanding of Australia's known mineral endowment and level of exploration activity," said Chief Executive Officer, Dr Neil Williams. "One of the important objectives for Geoscience Australia is to monitor whether resources are being discovered and developed for production at rates sufficient to maintain Australia's position as a major supplier of mineral commodities."

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