Australia's premier mineral province

18 August 2003

Yilgarn Craton Australia's premier mineral province covers 10% of the Australian continent, attracts more than half the nation's mineral exploration expenditure and produces two thirds of the gold and most of the nickel mined in the country.

Known as the Yilgarn Craton, this geological region covers about 2.5 million hectares in Western Australia, and is Australia's oldest, largest and most productive mineral province. For this reason, Geoscience Australia has developed an online GIS which can either display all deposits in the region or just a single mineral, such as gold or nickel deposits.

The Yilgarn online GIS displays a wide range of data including geological datasets, topographical data, geophysical images and seismic traverses, whole rock geochemistry, geochronology samples, aeromagnetic interpretation and a geological interpretation of the province.

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