GEODATA TOPO 2.5M now available free online

31 October 2003

Map showing part of the Northern Territory as it appears on GEODATA TOPO 2.5M

Seamless 2.5M data showing the Australian landscape is now available free online.

GEODATA TOPO 2.5M 2003 adds to the suite of products provided free online by Geoscience Australia. This new product includes features such as built-up areas, contours, drainage, framework, localities, offshore, rail transport, road transport, sand ridges, spot heights, and waterbodies. The data is at 1:2 500 000 scale where 1mm equals 2.5km.

GEODATA TOPO 2.5M 2003 contains some updated data which comes from the GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 2. It supersedes the previously available online 2.5M data as it complies with our GEODATA specifications which are described in detail in the product user guide.

All GEODATA products share the following common characteristics: GIS compatibility, national consistency, quality assurance, comprehensive documentation, and regular maintenance.

Two other free online products have also been updated:

Free Data Downloads page.

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