Is there another Broken Hill?

25 July 2003

Professionals working in the mineral exploration industry will be interested in the release of new geophysical point-located gravity data for the Broken Hill - Menindee area in New South Wales.

Distribution of old and new gravity data.

Distribution of old
and new gravity data
© Geoscience Australia

The new data were acquired as part of Geoscience Australia's ongoing program to add to the Australian National Gravity Database. Data from the new and existing stations will assist in the ground truth study of recently acquired airborne gravity data over the same geographic area near Broken Hill.

The Broken Hill - Menindee gravity data set consists of 182 new gravity stations from a May 2003 gravity survey and 20,514 gravity stations from pre-2003 gravity surveys all located near Broken Hill. The diagram here shows the distribution of old and new gravity data. This new data set is an adjunct to the Australian National Gravity Database, released in May 2003, which contains information on gravity surveys conducted in Australia and its offshore territories.

The new data were acquired in May 2003 in three separate areas around Broken Hill. As part of the contract, terrain corrections were calculated for the new data as well as for the 20,514 existing gravity stations. This data release includes the terrain corrected gravity values presented as Complete Bouguer Anomaly values for both new and existing data. The existing data sourced from Geoscience Australia, NSW Department of Mineral Resources and industry surveys have previously been released with Simple Bouguer Anomaly values only.

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