Measured Section and Sequence Stratigraphic data now released

29 January 2003

A new set of measured sections and sequence stratigraphic interpretations covering the Surprise Creek Formation, Gunpowder Creek Formation, Torpedo Creek and Warrina Park Quartzites became available on the 5th December 2002. The data in Geoscience Australia Record 2002/3 was collected and compiled by M. Jim Jackson, Peter N Southgate, Paul R Blake, Jan Domagala, Megan E Lech, Andrew Retter, Kurt Barnett and Narelle L Neumann.

This data record provides the mineral exploration industry, university and government geoscientists with thirty four single sections. These sections are subsequently combined to form twenty six composite outcrop and drill core stratigraphic sections through the Surprise Creek Formation, Warrina Park and Torpedo Creek Quartzites, lower Gunpowder Creek Formation and Moondarra Siltstone of the Calvert and Isa Superbasins. Close to twenty three thousand meters of stratigraphic/sedimentological description and interpretation are provided. Most sections contain grain size, lithology, bed thickness, sedimentary structure and gamma ray data from which facies and sequence stratigraphic surfaces are interpreted. The Oxide South Section (Figure 1) shows typical stratigraphic and sedimentological data available on the CD. Gamma ray data is not available for drill holes Templeton 1 and UD784. The section at Fiery Creek is generalised from the earlier work of researchers at Monash University and does not contain the detailed sedimentological information found in the rest of the logs. Eight sections contain revised interpretations from the earlier NABRE work.

Despite the absence of invertebrate fossils the sequence interpretations, in combination with SHRIMP zircon ages, permit the erection of a well-constrained chronostratigraphic framework for these Paleoproterozoic rocks. Previous lithostratigraphic subdivisions were diachronous and emphasised local stratigraphic successions rather than basin-wide correlations. The data contained in this Geoscience Australia record and the earlier companion data releases of AGSO Records 1999/10, 1999/15 1999/19 chronostratigraphic sequence subdivisions from which original basin shape and sediment architecture can be derived.

Lithostratigraphic miscorrelations associated with quartzite sandbodies of the Warrina Park and Torpedo Creek Quartzites, unit Prc of the Surprise Creek Formation and the lower parts of the Gunpowder Creek Formation and Moondarra Siltstone are resolved. Detailed descriptions and discussions of facies, SHRIMP Zircon ages, lithostratigraphic miscorrelations and rationale for sequence stratigraphic interpretations are provided in Jackson et al., (in prep).

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