New Gravity Data and Index of airborne geophysical surveys

29 May 2003

Taking a gravity measurement in the field

More than one million point gravity measurements are included in the latest Australian National Gravity Database which will be released on 30 May 2003.

New additions to the database improve the Australia-wide coverage of gravity data.

The 2003 edition incorporates both onshore and off-shore data and includes over 390 000 more gravity stations than last year's edition.

A cooperative effort between Geoscience Australia, state and territory Geological Surveys, private companies, universities and other organisations, the database is being upgraded continually as new gravity data are added and the updated version is released annually.

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Plane used to fly an airborne geophysical survey

Index of Airborne Geophysical Surveys

The updated Index of Airborne Geophysical Surveys (Seventh Edition) and associated index maps and digital files will also be released on 30 May 2003.

Geoscience Australia maintains metadata databases of government airborne geophysical surveys and gravity surveys. A range of products is released from these databases to assist private companies and other organisations in planning exploration and geoscientific research activities. The products being released on 30 May 2003 include:

  • Index of Airborne Geophysical Surveys (hardcopy and digital versions of Geoscience Australia Record No. 2003/10)
  • Software and updated digital files of survey coverages; and
  • Index maps showing updated coverages for magnetic, radiometric and gravity surveys.
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