New outcrop geology of Tasmania

4 December 2003

Image showing west coast of Tasmania created using 1:1 million scale digital geology dataset of TasmaniaA new 1:1 million scale digital geological dataset of Tasmania is the first part of a new national compilation of the outcrop geology of Australia being carried out at Geoscience Australia. The new data will provide the most detailed and current geological map of the entire nation for explorers, resource managers and land use decision-makers.

The new Tasmanian dataset is generalised slightly from the 1:500 000 scale digital "Geology of Tasmania" map released by Mineral Resources Tasmania in 1999. All geological units and lines are described with stratigraphic, lithological and age information, with standardised descriptions that will be incorporated into the national coverage.

Similar 1:1 million scale datasets of Victoria and south Queensland are also nearing completion.

The dataset can be downloaded free, or ordered on CD in ESRI and Mapinfo formats from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre. It is also available from Mineral Resources Tasmania.

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