New tools for data delivery

28 November 2003

Splashscreen of Ozchron national geochronology database Geochronology online: Access to our geochronology database (OZCHRON) is now made easy with a map-based interface that allows users to select regions, lithologies, stratigraphic units and dating methods. The available geochronology is then delivered in tabular form to your computer screen.

From the OZCHRON home page, users can enter a textual or spatial database query to retrieve geochronology data and related field information. The table can be downloaded or further information displayed by highlighting data points of particular interest.

Concordia plots of SHRIMP ages are also available so users can make their own judgment of the data quality.

Plotting capability online:Ever wanted to use Geoscience Australia's whole rock and stream sediment geochemical database (OZCHEM)

With our new on-line plotting application, PLOT-IT, you can extract data directly from OZCHEM into a table: then filter, sort, and group data from the table before plotting it as an X-Y scatter diagram, a ternary plot, a spidergram or a histogram.

Users have access to a fully functional Java-enabled version that allows them to zoom, pan and manipulate the plotting characteristics, such as colour, symbols etc. or to a simple HTML-only version. Tables of data and plots can be downloaded to the users' PC for later manipulation and display. An on-line help manual is also available.

Redevelopment of Geoscience Australia's Geochemical Data Analysis package to run on a standard web browser provides users with an easily accessible software application to retrieve and visualise geochemistry data.

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