Online Airborne Surveys Index Database

21 February 2003

Interface of the Online Airborne Surveys Database

Geoscience Australia is the custodian of the most comprehensive publicly available Australian airborne magnetic, gamma-ray, elevation model and electromagnetic databases.

The Airborne Geophysics Database contains approximately 17 million line kilometres of data from over 890 surveys.

The Online Airborne Surveys Index Database contains the specifications of each Commonwealth/State Government airborne geophysical survey. It shows three windows - one that can be queried, one showing results of the query and one showing the survey boundaries on a map of Australia.

The new online database gives the user improved functionality when querying the database and is an advance on the Windows program Aeromap. All online queries interrogate the database in real-time, compared to Aeromap which returns information from queries on a static stand-alone database file supplied on a CD. Aeromap will continue to be supported.

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