Online delivery of geophysical data

18 November 2003

Geoscience Australia now provides free online access to geophysical data, in line with the Australian Government's Spatial Data Access and Pricing.

Image from interface of Geoscience Australia's new data delivery system, GADDS Improved access to geophysical data will benefit industry sectors such as mineral exploration companies who can now have instant access to the data they require. Geophysical consultants, educational users, State Geological Surveys and other government departments will also benefit from the new data delivery system.

Known as GADDS (Geoscience Australia Data Delivery System), this web-based application delivers data from the airborne geophysics and gravity databases. It allows the user to select a specific area of interest and have that data delivered free online within a very short time frame.

The main features of GADDS are:

  • You can request data using a standard web-browser.
  • Only the data required is delivered.
  • You can choose the data format (ASCII columns or Intrepid Database) for delivery, and the required datum and projection.
  • Both vector (line and point) and raster (grid) datasets can be delivered.

There are detailed instructions on how to use GADDS, the online delivery system for geophysical datasets.

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