Range of free online data extended

9 May 2003

Vegetation - Pre-European Settlement (1788) - click for an example of how the data can look in a GIS [GIF 36 Kb]

Seven more digital data products are now available free online from Geoscience Australia. They include historical data files such as National Public and Aboriginal Lands Pre-1998, Australian Land Tenure 1993, Vegetation - Pre-European Settlement (1788), Vegetation - Post-European Settlement (1988), as well as ATSIC Boundaries and Australia's River Basins data. There is also a new Commonwealth Fisheries 2003 product. The Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries data will soon be available from the Australian Electoral Commission site.

These products add to the growing list of digital datasets provided free online by Geoscience Australia since September 2001 when the Federal Government released its Spatial Data Access and Pricing Policy.

The first products made available under this policy included topographic data, satellite imagery and thematic data such as Australian Surface Water Management Areas and Australian Maritime Boundary Information System (AMBIS). Thousands of users have taken advantage of the opportunity to use the free data, with very limited licensing restrictions.

Accessing the data requires registration followed by a simple downloading procedure. Data is available in three different application formats: ArcView Shapefile, ArcInfo Export and MapInfo Mid/Mif, and comes with relevant documentation to allow immediate use of the data in your GIS application.

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