Tanami airborne geophysical data release (phase 2)

1 July 2003

Professionals working in the mineral exploration industry and geology mapping will be interested in the release of airborne geophysical data over the west Tanami region of Western Australia. Since the mid 1980s, over ten million ounces of gold have been discovered in this region which straddles the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The Tanami region is one of the most exciting new gold provinces in Australia.

TMI image of the west Tanami region with northeast illumination

Jointly released by Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of Western Australia on 1 July 2003, the Phase 2 airborne geophysical data over the west Tanami region covers the Billiluna 1:250 000 Map Sheet area and parts of the Gordon Downs and Lucas 1:250 000 Map Sheet areas.

Three band radiometric image of the West Tanami region

This release includes additional data to that released in February 2003. It comprises magnetic, gamma-ray and elevation point located data and grids from a survey flown for the Geological Survey of Western Australia and Geoscience Australia by UTS Geophysics in 2002, and from three private company surveys flown between 1989 and 1995. The older surveys have been appended and levelled with the new survey to create a combined dataset giving a continuous coverage.

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