Tanami airborne geophysical data release

10 February 2003

Tanami airborne geophysical data

Airborne geophysical data over the west Tanami region of Western Australia are being jointly released by the Geological Survey of Western Australia and Geoscience Australia on 17 February 2003.

New data in this release include magnetic, gamma-ray and elevation located data and grids covering the Billiluna 1:250 000 Sheet area and parts of the Gordon Downs and Lucas 1:250 000 Sheet areas.

The Tanami region is one of the most exciting new gold provinces in Australia. Since the mid 1980s over ten million ounces of gold have been discovered in the region straddling the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Tanami airborne geophysical data include new survey data and data previously acquired by private companies.

  • The digital data are available on CD-ROM from Geoscience Australia at a cost of A$99 per CD (including GST; packing and postage extra).

    To purchase the data contact:
    Geoscience Australia Sales Centre, GPO Box 378, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia, 02 6249 9966 (Ph), 02 6249 9982 (FAX) or online at Sales Centre.

  • A colour hardcopy map of the airborne magnetic data at 1:500 000 scale is available from the Geological Survey of Western Australia at a cost of A$27.50 per map (including GST; packing and postage extra).

    To purchase the colour map contact:
    Department of Industry and Resources, 100 Plain St, East Perth, WA, 6004, Australia, 08 9222 3459 (Ph), 08 9222 3444 (FAX) or online www.doir.wa.gov.au.

Click HERE for further details on the data and its release.

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