A new standard in geological data

23 December 2004

The National Geological Data Model (NGDM v1.0) is a proposed national model for describing features commonly found on digital geological maps. It is the first step towards a fully integrated national, and eventually international, digital geological data standard simplifying compilation, transfer and accessibility across Australia.

Snapshot from the National Geological Data Model

Snapshot from the National
Geological Data Model
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The model is designed using a simple data format that can be used as a basis for data transfer between government, industry and academic organisations.

The NGDM v1.0 may be used in a GIS/database environment, but is independent of any particular software associated with those applications. It provides a fully documented logical framework that geologists can use as a starting point for creating their GIS data environment to compile, store and transfer geological map data.

Any comments or suggestions about the data model may be directed to general enquiries. Comments on the data model will be reviewed by the Geological Surveys under the Government Geoscience Information Policy Advisory Committee (GGIPAC).

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