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29 June 2004

AusGeo News 74 cover

AusGeo News 74 cover
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The June issue of AusGeo News is now available. It focuses on Geoscience Australia's efforts to help exploration companies locate new mineral deposits beneath the continent's thick cover.

In South Australia's Gawler Craton, geophysical anomalies are being mapped to help determine possible locations of potential new copper-gold deposits like Olympic Dam. Some interesting results from seismic work alter notions about the southern McArthur Basin in the Northern Territory. As well, there is a wrap-up of two years' work in the Arunta-Tanami region of central Australia and discussion of further studies into Tanami gold.

A couple of small articles let you know that the Mt Stromlo satellite laser ranging station destroyed by bushfires is up and running, and that GPS sites in Australia's south-west seismic zone have been 'reoccupied' to measure crustal stress.

Various other articles outline Geoscience Australia's work, ranging from the mineral potential of Queensland granites, calibrating airline compasses to cyclone risk assessments and geochemical studies into lode-gold associations.

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