Index of Airborne Geophysical Surveys

22 June 2004

Index of Airborne Geophysical Surveys 8th Edition

Index of Airborne
Geophysical Surveys
8th Edition
© Geoscience Australia

The Eighth Edition of the Index of Australian Government Airborne Geophysical Surveys is now available in both hardcopy and digital formats. This edition contains a more comprehensive coverage of surveys than the previous edition released in May 2003. Information on surveys prior to 2003 has been updated and additional surveys have been included from various State and Federal exploration initiatives and the ongoing airborne survey work of Government bodies. Specifications of several open file surveys are also included in this release.

The Index contains a summary of the major specifications of over 900 airborne surveys.

An updated interactive database of metadata for Australian airborne geophysical surveys has also been released, along with updated colour index maps which show the coverage over Australia of Geoscience Australia and State Government airborne magnetic, radiometric and gravity surveys.

Geoscience Australia is custodian of the most comprehensive publicly available Australian airborne magnetic, gamma-ray, elevation model and electromagnetic databases and gravity database. The airborne geophysics database contains more than 18.1 million line kilometres of mainly total magnetic intensity and gamma-ray spectrometric data.

  • Digital versions of the Index Record, Index Maps and data files can be downloaded free.

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