New airborne gravity data over Arnhem Land

23 March 2004

Just released airborne gravity data, acquired over an area in West Arnhem Land in August and September 2003 as part of a joint project between Geoscience Australia, the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS), Cameco Australia Pty Ltd and Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Ltd, will be of interest to the mineral exploration industry.

The survey to acquire 4,500 line kilometres of airborne gravity data was flown by Fugro Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd using the new Russian-developed, GT-1A airborne gravimeter, which is operated by Canadian Micro Gravity Pty Ltd. It was the first time the new technology has been used for an Australian geological survey, and provides vastly improved resolution over 11km-spaced ground data.

  • Available for free download or to purchase on a CD-ROM from our Sales Centre. The CD also includes the 2004 Australian National Gravity Database.

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