New map makes tracks for industry

1 February 2004

Railways of Australia map

Railways of Australia map
© Geoscience Australia

Australia's impressive rail network, including it's newest link from Alice Springs to Darwin, is featured on a new thematic map being released today. The Railways of Australia map will provide a quick reference to the nation's rail infrastructure for all areas of industry and government.

The railways that link urban and regional Australia have played a significant role in the development of our nation. With the recent opening of the Alice Springs to Darwin line, all mainland capital cities and their ports are now connected by a 9420 kilometre network of standard gauge track, known as the Interstate Rail Network.

"Rail transport contributes billions of dollars every year to our economy. Many of the products we use every day have travelled by rail at some stage in their journey to us. And across the country, passenger trains carry more than 500 million people each year", said Andrew Beer, Director Product Marketing at Geoscience Australia.

"This map provides an excellent insight into Australia's rail network. Hopefully it will also foster an understanding of just how important rail is to Australia's transport network", he continued.

Given the importance of rail transport in Australia, the new map will become an important reference for industry and government.

"For many years the transport industry has been using maps of Australia's rail system that are out of date or incomplete. This new map is a most welcome addition to the industry's information base", said Bryan Nye, CEO of the Australasian Railway Association.

"This information will prove invaluable to industry and government alike when it comes to planning tomorrow's transport corridors."

The new Railways of Australia map shows major passenger and freight lines, selected tourist railways, and metropolitan rail networks. Travelling times and distances, length of track, passenger loads, freight tonnage, and interesting facts about Australia's rail network are also included.

This map was produced with the help of the Australasian Railway Association and Railscape.

The map can be purchased through our Sales Centre, and from map retailers around Australia.

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