State-of-the-art in airborne gravity

28 September 2004

GA Record 2004-18

GA Record 2004-18
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A comprehensive review of airborne gravimeter and airborne gravity gradiometer methods can be found in Geoscience Australia Record 2004/18.

The Record contains 16 extended abstracts from the "Airborne Gravity 2004 Workshop", held in Sydney on 15 August 2004 in conjunction with the 17th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG).

In addition to discussion of current systems, Geoscience Australia Record 2004/18 also includes extended abstracts on airborne gravity systems under development, along with case histories on the use of these methods in minerals and petroleum applications.

The Record is available for free download or a printed copy can be purchased from our Sales Centre.

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