1 million reasons to see new geological data sets

7 October 2005

Solid Geology map of Eastern Australia. © Geoscience Australia.

Solid Geology map
of Eastern Australia.
© Geoscience Australia

New and updated 1:1 million scale digital surface geology data sets for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are now available.

The data sets provide a valuable tool for large scale regional and national evaluation of resource potential, environmental issues and land use.

This geological mapping project was initiated to gain an improved understanding of Australia's geology, and promote opportunities for mineral and petroleum exploration investment in Australia.

The digital datasets were largely compiled from regional 1:500 000 and 1:1 million scale map data. They also include significant compilations of 1:250 000 and 1:100 000 data, particularly for much of New South Wales, and southeast and northeast Queensland.

The data have a spatial accuracy of between 200 metres, and 1500 metres, depending on the quality of the original source data. Geological unit (polygon) attributes include stratigraphic name, map symbol, unit description, maximum and minimum age, and summary lithology information. Faults and stratigraphic boundaries are also coded in the data.

The datasets can be downloaded from the Free Downloads page, or ordered on CD in ESRI coverage and shapefile formats from the Sales Centre. All versions of the datasets come with comprehensive metadata.

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